How To Convert A Hot Prospect: Improve Your Sales Utilising Influencing Skills 

Double or triple your sale conversions simply, effectively and immediately. 
Never has there been a time where bringing new sales into a business has been more important. 
New sales are the life blood of every business, yet most business owners shy away from sales and selling because they're just not that good at it. Finally there is a book anyone can read and excel in sales and influencing. 
'How to convert a hot prospect' is for anyone running a business or managing a sales team. It's not just about selling, it also examines how we can influence prospects into becoming raving fans of our products. 
Influence can be blatant, or very subtle, yet when used effectively it will murder your competition and allow the prospect to see that you're the only real solution to their problems.  
Sales and selling is all about people and how we are able to influence them into buying from us.  
This book is a step-by-step guide to building a more profitable sales process whilst cutting down on wasted time and effort. 
Learn proven and tested methods of converting prospects from a sales trainer who understands you and your business needs. With practical advice, real life examples of good selling habits, and even examples of when it all went wrong. We all need a good attitude when sales go wrong just as much as when it's all going great.  
'How to convert a hot prospect' will give you the skills you need to handle the good, the bad, and the tyre-kickers. 

You will discover 

Better advertising strategies 
How to improve your inviting skills 
Greater influencing skills 
More powerful presentations 
Clearer and better closing skills 
How to kill your competition 
More efficient time management 
Better consultative selling skills 
How to improve rapport-building 
How to overcome objections  
How to develop respect and trust from prospects 
How to increase your confidence 

Take your sales to the next level, and massively increase your turnover, learning from the author who has over 35 years in the sales arena. 

Paperback and Kindle Versions Available 
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