We are expanding and are looking for the right kind of individual to partner with us and franchise our model in your area. 

If you: 

Have a willingness to work hard. 
Are determined to persevere. 
Possess the ambition to succeed. 
Can commit to a higher standard. 
Then we want to hear from you. 
As businesses around the country have been completely transformed by uncertain times, they're all keen to improve sales and get a foothold on growth. Sadly, very few business owners have any degree of sales acumen and will be looking for help. What they won't realise is that they need more than just a bit of help with selling. As a SMOSNET partner you will be ideally placed (and trained) to help them improve more than they could ever imagine. 
As a SMOSNET partner you WILL be in demand! 
Every business in the country needs help right now! Company owners are desperate to make up lost sales opportunities since lockdowns occurred - and they think it's all to do with selling more stuff. 
What they do not understand, is the area in which they need the most help, is Influencing skills. 
The difference between 'just selling' and employing 'influencing ability' is akin to using Black Magic to win over your prospect. As a franchisee - you will be trained to seek out and win new business by simply asking a few well crafted questions - questions designed to get the answers you want (after all - we're influence masters), and help the prospect understand that you're their best solution. 

Partnership Benefits include 

Generate income streams from day one 
Low start-up costs 
Low monthly fee 
No experience needed 
Intensive training covering every aspect of the business 
Full assistance with lead generation 
On-going training and 24/7 support 
Exclusive territory rights 
Exciting ‘In demand’ product 
Unlimited customer base 
Uncapped income 
Part/Full time operation 
Work from home 
Fast return of investment 

Additional benefits 

FREE help and advice on self-employment 
FREE accountancy fees (1st year) 
FREE marketing materials 
FREE support material 
FREE use of websites 
FREE 1st year’s networking fees 
Coaching courses 

WHY choose SMOSNET as an opportunity? 

Over 35 yrs experience in the sales arena 
Hundreds of different business sectors 
Consistently the top sales performer 
Tried and tested methodology 
Diplomas in Business Performance Coaching 
Unlimited marketplace 
Visionary leadership 
Opportunity for leadership positions 
There are over 5.9 million SMEs in the UK. There are over 4.2 million self employed in the UK 
The fallout of Covid-19 has seen small business owners having to rapidly implement change, develop new business models and ways of working, bring in unfamiliar technologies, and learn new management strategies. YET, they did not pay any attention to new sales and influencing strategies. 
98% of businesses need more sales 
87% of business owners have ZERO sales experience 
90%+ of salesmen have little or no training in influence skills 

Your Earning Potential 

Your Earning Potential 
In a word - UNLIMITED! 
But work on the assumption that you'll be earning OTE of £125,000+ from the outset. 
As you develop and grow your SMOSNET client base, you will start to enjoy the rewards of your labour (let's be honest - it's not hard labour, not as hard as digging ditches) with on-going clients and referrals. 
Day rates for sales training can start from £1,200. 
A half day sales assessment can bring £500. 
Assisting in recruiting, building, and training sales teams is £500 - £1000 per day. 
Groups sales training sessions can earn you £5,000 per day. 
Monthly and yearly workshops can bring you £10,000+ per workshop 
No matter what your reason for joining SMOSNET, you can be assured that you will be successful. SMOSNET will train you in every aspect of sales, selling, and influencing disciplines to move forward with ease. 
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