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Is sales training important? 

Only 'if' you want to sell your products & services. 
More importantly, only ‘if’ you want to outsell your competition. 
I would argue, it's not just important but vital if you want to succeed in business. You can be lacking in other skills, may not have the top spec tech kit, but you must have a good understanding of sales and selling. Most business owners have very little sales training and/or sales experience and simply blunder through. With the right training you will be streaks ahead of your competition. 

Is sales training worth it? 

Only ‘if’ it pays off. 
However, you need to understand what your numbers are. What amount are you selling now? Average sale price? How many conversions v presentations? Where are you lacking? Lastly you need to know where you want the numbers to be. 
At this point you will have an idea of where you need to be and (more importantly) has the sales training gotten you there? I would advise that you ask the sales trainer what he/she will do if they don’t get you to that point. 

Does sales training work? 

Depends who you get to train you, but on the whole = Yes. 
Sales training can be effective in improving many aspects of the sales process. Advertising, prospecting, appointment setting, presentations. Closing and objection handling. 

How much should sales training cost? 

Don’t look on sales training as a cost – it’s an investment. There are of course several factors to consider and evaluate. How large is your sales team, what is your average order value, what will you gain as a return on investment. You may consider setting aside a percentage of profits towards sales training and monitor the returns. Most sales trainers ought to be experienced to know that one price may not fit all budgets and industry sectors. 

Who are the best sales trainers? 

There are a few Sales Legends out there but many of these are no longer working (or alive). I would argue the best sales trainers are those who understand your business, have a track record in sales AND are currently working in today’s market place. I would never trust a sales trainer who isn’t currently selling in today’s tough environments. 

Can anyone learn to sell? 

Definitely. Have you heard the expression, “Great sales people are born not made”? Absolute TOSH. Great sales people are trained. We all sell, everyday we sell ourselves, our personality and our business. Every married person has made one great sale at some point. 
In fact, those with zero experience in sales will make the best sales people of the future because they have no bad habits. 
"If you are looking for dynamic, straight-talking input for your sales and business strategies I highly recommend Lawrence. He has an extremely pro-active approach to any challenge and his knowledge and expertise within his field is excellent. He'll show you how to make more money - simple! His workshops and presentations are a must-see, giving a real boost to your outlook and the success of your business." 
Sarah Joanne Heeley | Results Driven 
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