You run your own business, you need help developing your sales process, this is for you. 

SMOSNET will help you develop a faster, more streamlined sales & influencing process to help the one man band and sole trader achieve more sales. 
Looking at your entire sales process from advertising yourself, right through to closing, we will work together to maximise the results from all that you do. Just a slight change in the way you advertise will bring in prospects more aligned with your business products and services. Through better communication with prospects, we can reduce the time wasted, pitching to those who have no intention of buying from you. 
Most sole traders and entrepreneurs are very talented individuals, they simply lack a bit of sales oomph. Let SMOSNET help you be all that you can be. 
"Lawrence delivers! Lawrence’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge will set any business on fire. Lawrence will have a positive impact on you and your business, he will motivate you, teach you invaluable skills, give you the drive and belief to make great things happen. The IT world is a new world to Lawrence but he took the time to listen and understand before tailoring his services perfectly to really help us. I cannot recommend Lawrence highly enough and would challenge anyone to hire him, be prepared to leap out of bed in the morning, be prepared for growth and development and be prepared for success! I expect to be working with Lawrence for a long time as our business grows and develops." 
Mike Adams | Agenda IT 

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Group Sales Training 
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What would happen if every member of your sales team could bring in just one extra sale per month, week, day? 
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Sales Workshops 
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Even the cleaners in a company can contribute to the overall development of sales! 
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