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Today's prospect is way to savvy for sales companies to use outdated selling & sale's closing techniques.  What we need are better influencing skills to ensure we are the ONLY business to satisfy the prospect's needs.  SMOSNET is all about improving sales & selling results utilising influencing techniques.  SMOSNET will take a snapshot of your business's selling process and help you develop a more successful methodology to convert more sign ups.  

Sales teams have appointments made for them, they spend time and money getting to the appointment.

They pitch the prospect and leave information and come away with a "We'll think about it"   But it looks promising!!

A few days later your sales person rings to get an answer - only to hear the prospect went with a competitor.  A competitor who has inferior products, more expensive products and terrible customer service.  It's infuriating isn't it?  

What if, your team had better influencing skills to close a lot more appointments on the day? 

Imagine if everyone of your sales team could convert JUST one more appointment each month. What would that do for your bottom line?   Now imagine if they could convert just one more appointment per week - how would that look?  Now imagine that everyone could bring in 1 or 2 new deals PER DAY - what would that do to the company profit margin.  SMOSNET is here to show you how to do just that!!  

What your sales process needs is a fresh set of eyes to look at how you, your sales teams and your sales groups influence their prospects.  SMOSNET will teach you a lot of first hand information and techniques that your team can employ to bring about better results.  

Topics covered can include:-

Setting your sail

Rapport building

Asking questions - the right questions

Killing off the competition

How to present your products correctly

Doing away with objections

The art of influencing

Buying signals

Getting the signature


Also covered:-

Death of a salesman

Diseases of attitude 

The day that turns your life around

Doing away with excuses

Sales Philosophy

Sales corridor 

Numbers never lie

Ruling out time wasters


"My style of selling has nothing to do with simply pitching Features & Benefits and then 'closing', I am all about educating & influencing the prospect into 'wanting' to buy from me.  Of course there are still the basic sales rules to apply - however - these are intrinsically woven into the influencing process.  In today's world people love to buy, BUT do not want to be 'sold' to.  We need to engage prospects and influence them in ways which ensure our product is the ONLY product they want"

     Lawrence Laidlow. 

Here's the juicy bit - better than risk free - 'IF' I can't do what I say I can do - not only do you get a full refund and keep the material I provide you - I will personally pay you for wasting your time.