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Welcome to SMOSNET 

Not 'just' another sales training company

SMOSNET is all about improving sales & selling results utilising influencing techniques.  Anyone can sell(well, almost) most products they put their mind to. But 'just' trying to pitch and sell is so out dated right now - what companies with a sales operation need to be looking towards, is employing better influencing techniques.  

Sales teams have appointments made for them, spend time and money getting to the appointment.

They pitch the prospect and leave information and come away with a "We'll think about it"   But it looks promising!!

A few days later your sales person rings to get an answer - only to hear the prospect went with a competitor.  A competitor who has inferior products, more expensive products and terrible customer service.  It's infuriating isn't it?  

What if, your team had better influencing skills to close a lot more appointments on the day? 

Imagine 'if' everyone of your sales team could convert JUST one more appointment each month. What would that do for your bottom line?   Now imagine if they could convert just one more appointment per week - how would that look?  Now imagine everyone could bring in 1 or 2 new deals PER DAY - what would that do to the company profit margin.  SMOSNET is here to show you how to do just that!!  

What your sales process needs is a fresh look at how you, your sales teams and your sales groups influence their prospects.  SMOSNET will teach you a lot of first hand information and techniques your team can employ to bring about better results.  

Topics covered can include:-

Setting your sail

Rapport building

Asking questions - the right questions

Killing off the competition

How to present your products correctly

Doing away with objections

The art of influencing

Buying signals

Getting the signature


Also covered:-

Death of a salesman

Diseases of attitude 

The day that turns your life around

Doing away with excuses

Sales Philosophy

Sales corridor 

Numbers never lie

Ruling out time wasters


"My style of selling has nothing to do with simply pitching and 'closing', I am all about educating & influencing the prospect into 'wanting' to buy from me.  Of course there are still the basic sales rules to apply. In today's world people love to buy, BUT do not want to be 'sold' to.  We need to engage prospects and influence them in ways which ensure our product is the ONLY product they want"  Lawrence Laidlow. 

Who is Lawrence Laidlow?

"When you meet Lawrence Laidlow, you'll find he's a big man and he's a big man with big ideas and a big heart. Don't expect him to let you off the hook though, he's straight talking and he won't pull any punches when he gives you his advice on how to increase your sales and grow your business. My advice would be to get in touch with Lawrence right now and find out for yourself. I'm sure you will be glad you did. "  Kim Campion - Empowerment Whiz

"Lawrence possesses a rare and valuable set of business skills. With a strong training background combined with sound commercial analysis he is able, not only to transform your organisation with bespoke courses but is able to utilise his wealth of business knowledge to provide honest and straight talking advice to grow your company. I am looking forward to continue working on a number of mutually beneficial projects and can certainly recommend Lawrence as an honest, professional and dynamic business coach."  Ed Bozman 360 - Recruitment.

"I have enrolled on a series of presentations by Lawrence, and find his presentation, methodology and the way he demands your own input and involvement absolutely inspiring!"  Geoff Baker - Biofuel Solutions Ltd  

"I recently attended one of Lawrence's "Selling in a Recession" training courses. The focus was on First Impressions (Something the larger than life Lawrence is excellent at - if you have met him you will know). The training covered many ways you can make a first impression, not just the Networking Event Elevator statement - although we did work on that - with remarkable results... Confident, experienced and knowledgeable, Lawrence delivers his training in a direct - to the point manner, while this may not be for everyone, go with the style and the results are excellent. Looking forward to more sessions."  Mick Holloway - Strategic Marketing

"Training with Lawrence is an eye opening and enjoyable experience. I’ve learned some very powerful tips and techniques having been at his networking sales presentations with 24/7 Social Media training events. He is a no-nonsense, straight talking guy who wastes no time in his training approach. I intend to complete all his remaining “Selling in a recession” workshops. And would highly recommend attending his sales training courses."  Dan Walker - Digital Marketing  

"Listening and working with Lawrence is an enjoyable experience. He is a master of his craft and I’ve learned some very powerful tips and techniques having been present at his first two networking presentations with 24/7 Social Media training events. His no-nonsense, straightforward approach appeals to my learning style and I intend to complete all his remaining “Selling in a recession” workshops. It is great to meet someone who started his sales career face-to-face selling on the streets of Newcastle and has gone on to become a master sales coach. I thoroughly recommend attendance at his sales training programmes."  Rex Harrison - Beyond Team Transformations

"Meeting Lawrence has been a milestone event in my business, he has the ability to push your goals forward & get results! My time spent with Lawrence was exciting, fun and informative. would definitely recommend him to coach you too!  Thomas Bower - Thomas the Caterer

"I met Lawrence through his workshop 'Selling In Recession' as part of the Leicester For Business Programme. He has incredibly infectious coaching approach and his presentation about selling is highly animated, colourful and full of examples drawn from real life business situations. He has wealth of experience in selling both product and services, therefore has quite unique set of selling skills. I would highly recommend Lawrence's service as it has the winning ingredient to having more sales in business."  Sabina Kovacheva - SABIVO Design 

"Lawrence came to speak for us at The Business Club in Lincoln on the topic of "Developing Your Sales Corridor". He has a no-nonsense style and deliberately sets out to inspire the delegates into actually doing something differently after his presentation. A number of my members reported afterwards that they had subsequently gone back and implemented some of Lawrence's sales techniques the next day. This man is unconventional, challenging and lively!"  Mike Stokes -  Lincoln Business Club

"Lawrence delivers! Lawrence’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge will set any business on fire. Lawrence will have a positive impact on you and your business, he will motivate you, teach you invaluable skills, give you the drive and belief to make great things happen. The IT world is a new world to Lawrence but he took the time to listen and understand before tailoring his services perfectly to really help us. I cannot recommend Lawrence highly enough and would challenge anyone to hire him, be prepared to leap out of bed in the morning, be prepared for growth and development and be prepared for success! I expect to be working with Lawrence for a long time as our business grows and develops."  Mike Adams - Agenda IT  

"If you are looking for dynamic, straight-talking input for your sales and business strategies I highly recommend Lawrence. He has an extremely pro-active approach to any challenge and his knowledge and expertise within his field is excellent. He'll show you how to make more money - simple! His workshops and presentations are a must-see, giving a real boost to your outlook and the success of your business"  Sarah Joanne Heeley - Results Driven