Your teams are real go-getters, they are passionate, and they are hungry for more. 

SMOSNET will help them get more. More leads, more presentations, more sign ups, more often. 
Imagine every member of your team bringing in one extra sale a week. Now imagine if they were to repeat this every day of the week. 
SMOSNET workshops allow every member of the team to learn and develop new skills. Working as a cohesive group to bring about the changes needed to build a more profitable sales force. A mix of role playing, coaching and training will significantly improve the group dynamic. This will lead to a sharper, more focused team, with a desire to bring in more business for your company. 


6 week programme 
Week 1 - Prospecting 
Attracting the right Prospect 
Develop an Avatar of the ideal prospect 
List all you know about your ideal: Where are they, how do you find them? 
Only advertise in places they go/read/visit/play 
What words to use in advertising to influence them to ring you rather than your competitor. 
Week 2 - Appointment Setting 
Rule them in / rule them out. 
Are they serious about your product? 
Make sure they can they afford you. 
When do they want it? 
Are you going to them or do they come to you? 
Give the illusion of control, but you are in full control of the visit. 
Week 3 - Price Conditioning 
Why pitch to someone who cannot afford you? 
Do they want the cheapest or the best? 
Building value in your brand 
How to ask for the money. 
We only need a deposit. 
Wy budgets are B/S. 
Week 4 - Kill Off The Competition 
Understand your competitors products and costs. 
Demonstrate the short comings of your competition. 
Effectively remove your competitors products from the game “Would you really want that?” 
Become the only solution to their problems. 
Week 5 - Powerful Presentations 
Forget Features and Benefit selling. 
Present in a way that prospects 'want' your products.  
It's not just a car - it's a status symbol. 
Set yourself apart from the competition. 
Understand buying signals. 
Objection Handling. 
Week 6 - Closing -Compelling Offers 
Don’t just give a price. 
Offer incredible value for money. 
“I thought it would be more than that” 
They’d be mad not to buy it at this price. 
Justifying a price drop. 
Close like a pro. 
"If you are looking for dynamic, straight-talking input for your sales and business strategies I highly recommend Lawrence. He has an extremely pro-active approach to any challenge and his knowledge and expertise within his field is excellent. He'll show you how to make more money - simple! His workshops and presentations are a must-see, giving a real boost to your outlook and the success of your business." 
Sarah Joanne Heeley | Results Driven 

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