Natural Born Salesman 

I believe NOT! 
Selling is sometimes looked upon as a dark art, something that other people are good at or it is hoped marketing will bring in more sales. Most business owners I know are great at what they do - but lack the ability to 'sell' themselves, their business or products. They believe someone like me is a natural born salesman. ‘Not true’ I tell them, I was a shy kid and scared of my own shadow - so what changed. My mindset AND the need to earn money quickly. 
Not one good salesman I know or have worked alongside was born a good sales person. Over their lives they have developed skills to aid them in selling. Skills such rapport building, self-confidence and resilience. They needed a grounding in basic selling skills but other than that, it’s all about the desire to succeed. Anyone can sell - we have all sold something. Everyone married has given at least one great sales pitch that someone has bought! 
One thing we must have to sell effectively is passion. Enthusiasm will give you in spades what you lack in ability. I have never sold anything I didn't believe in passionately. When you speak about your products, the prospect must be able to pick up on your passion and enthusiasm. Once you feel this passion -- your halfway there. The next step is influencing the prospect into believing you are the answer to their prayers. Selling AND influencing will bring you so much more business, win more clients and get those referrals coming in. 
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