Lawrence Laidlow 

                                         Lawrence Laidlow



Sales and sales training is my passion. 


After leaving the Royal Air Force there wasn't much in the 'working world' which sparked my interest, however I did find an opportunity working part time with a sales organisation who promised me riches beyond my wildest dreams - if I would learn the skills needed to sell, recruit & train.  I mastered all of that and still didn't get rich. 


Direct sales came along and really changed my thinking on the world of sales and sales training.  I have now been actively selling products and services for over 30 years. Coaching came along in the early 90's and I earned two diplomas in business performance coaching and life coaching, have been a sales & business coach for 20yrs.   

The world has changed(a lot) since I began my sales journey. The internet, regulation, cancelation periods etc have made customers more savvy and they will not simply sign on the dotted line because a pushy salesmen offers them a drop close.  Which is only right and proper.  

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