How effective is your sales process? 

SMOSNET will help help identify just how powerful your sales machine really is.  

For one whole day SMOSNET will examine every aspect of your sales process.  From advertising, prospect generation, telephone handling, sales presentations and closing, right through to consolidation.  From this one day of simply stapling us to your sales team(or sole trader) we will identify everything it needs to bring you more.  More leads, more pitching, more conversions and ultimately more profits.     


Allow SMOSNET to come into your business and take a snapshot of your sales machine.  A sales assessment day will allow me to simply look and listen to what is being said and done in your entire sales process. From here I will make recommendations as to how improvements can be quickly and effectively put in place to improve your sales conversions.  If I cannot make any improvements, not only will I refund you - I will pay your daily rate for wasting your time.    

Developing more powerful  advertising and lead generating processes will gain a higher quality prospect.  A better developed advert can pull in 300 times more leads than previously possible.  Creating better inviting and presenting skills will lead to more opportunities to convert hotter prospects.  Utilising better influencing skills will increase your numbers in every aspect of your sales & selling processes.