Sales skills, selling strategies, influencing & persuasion, presenting, rapport building, closing and consolidation, to mention just a few - there is a lot of effort in getting just one sale.    


Bespoke and tailored to your needs.  Whether you need 1-1 coaching & training or group trainings - SMOSNET can provide the solution you need to drive up sales dramatically.  

I believe every single member of a company is responsible for sales. Did you hear about the janitor of a major hotel chain who brought in more repeat business than the receptionists & sales staff?   If a cleaner can influence guests into many return visits, what can your staff achieve with the right outlook and training? 

We can assess and evaluate your team's performance, then deliver a clear path to improve performance.  Let SMOSNET help you develop every area of your business to bring about more sales.


These sessions are designed for Managing Director's, Sole Traders or SME owners who want to improve their presentations and sign up more clients.  Sharpen your Sales & influencing skills to win over more clients when you present.  


If you have a sales team, you may want to explore ways in which they can all perform better.  Well established teams can become stale and 'samey', not performing the way they once did.  What would happen if every member of the sales team could bring in just one extra sale per day?  Half day or full day sessions can be tailor made to your exacting needs.  

Sales team development

You may not yet have a sales team but feel you need one - we can help you recruit and interview the right candidates.  We can train them from day one and have them hit the ground running.  This will save you from A) hiring the wrong people & B) having to retrain them in the future.